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Sketched World Studio is committed to helping everyone who wants to tell their stories by creating awesome Digital Art!

Our Work 


Digital Painting

Star Wars Chiss Character Design

Character Design

Comic Cover Illustration

Comic Illustration



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How to play Dungeons and Dragons

D&D Content

Client Reviews

Ryan color photo_edited.jpg

Sketched World did a fantastic job with the digital art and coloring for our indie comic series.

They were professional and thorough when discussing panels and taking art direction.

SW produced our panels in a timely manner and were happy to make changes whenever we requested them.

We had a great time working with Sketched World and look forward to collaborating with them in the future!

Ryan Kruse

Writer and Storyboard Director


Sketched World is a visionary studio with a talented, reliable, and competent team.


They collaborated on my storyboard project over a several month period, breathing life into my script and accommodating the changes I requested.


The studio has shown commitment to the project, providing quality illustrations that often left me speechless in amazement.


Without a doubt, they're the best in the business.

David Zimmerman

CBR staff


This was my first time requesting a commission, and Sketched World was so wonderful to work with!


They were very helpful, making the process smooth and easy.


Updates were given throughout the process, and any changes I requested were honored and made.


Not only are they accommodating, but they are efficient, too.


I would absolutely hire Sketched World for another commission!


Star Wars fan

Client Reviews

As someone who has commissioned art before, Sketched World Studio is no doubt one of the best at it.


They take the ideas in your head and draw them beautifully, just the way you like it.


Their constant communication and their pursuit in making sure you get the perfect product is unparalleled.


I cannot wait to work with them again.


Content Creator


As someone new to commission art work, Sketched World Studio made the process simple and straightforward from concept to final product.


There was solid communication the whole way, and small changes and accommodations were addressed smoothly.


I hope to do more work with them in the future!


Youtube Creator


Out of everyone I commissioned, the studio was the only one that could correctly interpret my vision, the price was more than reasonable, and the outcome is beyond my imagination!


10 out of ten I'm surprised they don't charge more.

Comis Raveica

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